NMD Jack (f)

2.92mm NMD Straight Jack (female)
Coaxial RF Connectors

NMD-2.92mm jack connectors are 40 GHz ruggedized test port connectors used to mate with many 20 GHz to 40 GHz network analyzers (VNA) from manufacturers such as Agilent (formerly HP), Anritsu and Rohde & Schwarz . The NMD-2.92mm jack will mate with NMD-3.5mm plugs that are on many 20 GHz and 24 GHz analyzers. NMD-2.92mm jacks will not mate with NMD-2.4mm and NMD-1.85mm plugs on higher frequency analyzers. Koaxis manufactures NMD-2.92mm jacks for our Ø.120” diameter flexible and semi-rigid cable in both armored and unarmored versions. The connectors and cable are in stock and assemblies are available with a very short lead time. Contact us concerning your application.

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2.92mm NMD Jack (female) .120 cable..

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