Coaxial RF Cable Assemblies
Capabilities Overview

Koaxis manufactures small diameter coaxial RF microwave cable assemblies to satisfy the demands of high-performance applications world-wide. Decades of experience have helped us to develop application expertise in, High Frequency, Blind-mate Solutions, Phase-matched, Delay Matched, Custom Bent, Value-added, Custom marked, Test Applications including VNA Assemblies, Crimped and Soldered constructions, and more.
Our passion for customer service, quality, competitive pricing, and lead-time is evident in everything we do
and has earned us a long list of very loyal customers across all RF/Microwave industries and around the world.
To best serve the dynamic market, Koaxis has created the RF Cable Assembly eCommerce tool. Visually Build It online, See It  instantly with a detailed specification with tabulated IL, VSWR, and Power data. Then Buy It online. These Web Shop orders ship Ready 48. Up to 50 pcs combined ship in 2 business days. Offline orders ship standard lead-time, which is still among the fastest in the industry.