Terms and Conditions of Sale

  • Koaxis has a strict Anti-SPAM policy. We may send you messages soliciting your feedback for the purposes of compiling Customer Satisfaction statistics. Marketing messages will only be sent to users who have explicitly consented to receive this type of email. You may opt-out of any Koaxis email marketing lists as any time.
  • Pricing is quoted in US$, Cable Assemblies are custom manufactured to your specifications and, as such, are Non-cancelable, Non-returnable.  For International Orders under $500, a wire transfer fee of $40 will be added to your order.
  • Currently approved credit terms will apply for each customer. All other sales cash in advance. 30 days payment terms are available upon approval by Koaxis Accounts Payable.  To apply for credit terms, please send your banking details, and credit references.  VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards are accepted.
  • Product is quoted as FCA (Free Carrier), Schwenksville, PA, USA.  Liability for shipment(s) is the responsibility of the Buyer.  If you would like your shipment to be insured, please indicate this on your Purchase Order.
  • Orders shall be shipped according to the instructions on each purchase order. In the absence of such instructions, orders will be shipped UPS Ground for United States domestic shipments or FedEx International Economy for international shipments and the applicable shipping charges will be added to each Invoice.
  • Lead-time is typical, and is quoted as Scheduled Ship Date ARO (After Receipt of Order).  Please allow for transit time to your location.
  • Due to the resulting cost impact, Koaxis shall participate in the use of customer online portals solely at its discretion and for its convenience.  If alternate universally accepted means are available to accomplish requested transfer of information to the Buyer, Koaxis reserves the right to solely utilize these methods.
  • Koaxis agrees to utilize customer online portals that are solely designed to ensure the security of classified and export restricted information.  Should such customer online portals demonstrate, in any way, a risk to the protection of such classified and export restricted information, Koaxis shall cease any and all use of such portals and notify the customer immediately in writing.

Unplanned changes to the Koaxis Production schedule have a significant disruptive impact on all currently scheduled customer orders. Therefore, in order to provide the highest level of service for all Koaxis customers the following shall apply:

  • Partial Deliveries may be available. Please consult Koaxis Sales for the details for each order. Additional shipping charges incurred due to partial shipments shall be the responsibility of the Buyer.
  • Line Item Shipment requested delay (or push out), may be requested no later than 28 calendar days prior to the original scheduled ship date acknowledged by Koaxis.
  • Line Item Shipments may be delayed a maximum of 1 time per line item and for a maximum of 28 calendar days.
  • Koaxis will make every effort to expedite shipments when requested.  Requested expedited scheduled ship dates are not valid until acknowledged by Koaxis in writing.

Unless specifically waived in writing by Koaxis, where there is a discrepancy between the terms and conditions of this Purchase order and Koaxis standard terms and conditions, Koaxis standard terms and conditions of sale shall apply.