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We have over 100 years of combined experience in
coaxial cable assemblies and connectors.

Reference Plane to Reference Plane

We have seen several methods of dimensioning the mechanical length of coaxial cable assemblies.  Due to the fact that connector dimensions can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, the only reliable method is to adopt a best practice for specifying mechanical length is Reference Plane to Reference Plane.
Assemblies specified and manufactured using the Reference Plane for each connector ensures that the effective mechanical length, accounting for connector engagement, always results in the expected length within an assembled system or test fixture.

SMP and SMPM connectors are a micro-miniature push-on or snap-on connector series with operating frequencies to 40 GHz and 65 GHz.  SMP and SMPM connectors are made to MIL-STD-348 and intermateable with Corning Gilbert’s GPO® and GPPO® connectors.  The connectors are used in PC Board to PC Board, module to module, and cable to board or module applications.

SMP and SMPM male

The male connector, sometimes called a shroud, is typically mounted to a panel or module as a flange mount, bulkhead mount, thread in, or hermetic connector.