SMP and SMPM connectors are a micro-miniature push-on or snap-on connector series with operating frequencies to 40 GHz and 65 GHz.  SMP and SMPM connectors are made to MIL-STD-348 and intermateable with Corning Gilbert’s GPO® and GPPO® connectors.  The connectors are used in PC Board to PC Board, module to module, and cable to board or module applications.

SMP and SMPM male

The male connector, sometimes called a shroud, is typically mounted to a panel or module as a flange mount, bulkhead mount, thread in, or hermetic connector.

The male is also the typical PC board mount connector.  The SMP male connector is made in 3 detent versions, and determines the retention force of the mated male to female pair.  The SMPM is available in full detent and smooth bore.

Cable mounted SMP and SMPM female Jack

Female jacks are the usual free hanging cable connectors.  The retention of the mated pair is determined by the choice of the male connector.  For high shock and vibration applications it is recommended that the cable female jack mate to a full detent male connector.  In certain PC Board applications or high life cycle applications using a SMP limited detent may be preferable, as you are less likely to damage the board, and will prolong the life of the mated pair.

PC Board to PC Board - Module to Module - “Bullets”

In board to board and module to module applications, male connectors are typically located on each board or module.  The 2 male connectors are connected by a female to female adapter called a “bullet”.  The bullets are available in varying lengths for different spacing.  One of the greatest advantage of SMP and SMPM connectors is in allowing up to .010 radial and axial misalignment of modules and boards.  Usually one male shroud will be a smooth bore, and the other a limited or full detent (the detent shroud will capture and hold the bullet in the unmated condition)

Mating Cycles
SMP Full Detent 7.0 9.0 100
SMP Limited Detent 5.0 7.0 500
SMP Smooth Bore 2.0 0.5 1000
SMPM Full Detent 4.5 6.5 100
SMPM Smooth Bore 2.5 1.5 500