Coaxial RF Connectors

Koaxis stocks 10s of 1000s of connectors. We manufacture almost all of our own connectors to ensure maximum performance for each connector interface and design for manufacturability. We offer nearly every connector interface, suitable for smaller diameter Coaxial RF Cable, to ensure that we can assist you with nearly any application that you can imagine. Can’t find what you need, Koaxis is ready to help you with a custom or hard-to-get solution at a competitive price and fast lead-time.

SMB Bulkhead Jack (m) w/o Flat RG316, RG174, RG188 Crimp 50 Ohm
SMB Bulkhead Jack (m) w/o Flat RD316, RG316DS Crimp 50 Ohm
SMB Bulkhead Jack (male) RG179 Crimp 75 Ohm
SMB Bulkhead Jack (male) RD179, RG179DS Crimp 75 Ohm
SMB Straight Plug (f) .086 Cable 50 Ohm
SMB Right-angle Plug (f) .086 Cable 50 Ohm