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Coaxial RF Connectors

SMPM connectors are a micro-miniature push-on, snap-on connector series with operating frequency to 65 GHz. The SMPM connector is 30% smaller and operates to a higher frequency than the SMP connector series. The SMPM connector takes up very little space, ideal for high density applications. SMPM connectors are quick mate, and exhibit excellent vibration resistance. For signal isolation, the slotted outer body SMPM connector design is not as good as thread on connector designs such as 1.85 mm connectors. SMPM connectors are also known under the trade names of Corning Gilbert GPPO®, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies SSMP®, and Micro-Mode MSSP. All SMPM connectors made to MIL-STD-348B are intermateable.

Build an RF Cable Assembly