Coaxial RF Connectors

SMP connectors are micro-miniature push-on, snap-on connector series with operating frequency up to 40 GHz. Their small size makes SMP connectors ideal for high density applications. SMP connectors are quick mate, and exhibit excellent vibration resistance. For signal isolation, the slotted outer body SMP connector design is not as good as threaded connector designs such as 2.92mm connectors. Corning Gilbert developed the original SMP connector design, known as their GPO® connector. Koaxis SMP connectors are designed to meet the requirements of Mil-STD-348B, and are intermateable with all SMP connectors built to this specification.

Build an RF Cable Assembly

SMP Straight Plug (f) .086 Cable
SMP Straight Plug (f) .086 Cable, Non-Magnetic

SMP Right-angle Plug (f) .086 Cable

SMP Connector Bulkhead Jack (male) .086" Cable Smooth Bore Catcher's Mitt 0.150" Panel
SMP Connector Bulkhead Jack (male) .086 Cable, Full Detent, 0.150" Panel
SMP Straight Plug (f) .047 Cable