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MCX 75 Ohm
Coaxial RF Connectors

75 Ohm MCX Connectors have become a popular snap-on subminiature connector series, replaceing 75 Ohm mini-SMB connectors in applications where reduced height off the PC board and reduced engagement/disengagement forces are required, such as surface mount applications. The 75 Ohm MCX connector series borrows the long proven contact/insulator design from the SMB connector series. Koaxis manufactures both 50 and 75 Ohm MCX Connectors. The 75 Ohm MCX connector design is intermateable with the 50 Ohm MCX series. Both connectors have Ø.020 center pins. The 75 Ohm impedence is achieved by replacing teflon with air as a dielectric, and by reducing contact diameters where possible.