Coaxial RF Cable

Koaxis stocks miles and miles of cable, including our own K-Flex™ line of flexible semi-rigid replacement cable. We offer K-Flex™ cable up to .141" dia, and semi-rigid and hand-formable assemblies up to .250 dia. We also stock a small variety of commonly used Mil-DTL-17 and Times Microwave LMR® flexible cables, up to ~.200” dia, in 50 ohm and 75 ohm for low-cost crimped cable assembly applications.
We offer a select set of our cable for sale to our customers. Semi-rigid cable is offered in 5 ft lengths. Flexible and hand-formable cable is available from our existing inventory of spool sizes. Better yet, why not ask us to precision cut and strip cables to your specification.

Flexible Mil-DTL-17 M17/28-RG058
Semi-rigid .034 (0.86mm) M17/154-00001 Bare Copper
Semi-rigid .034 (0.86mm) M17/154-00002 Tin-plated Copper
Semi-rigid .047 (1.2mm) M17/151-00001 Bare Copper
Semi-rigid .047 (1.2mm) Tin-plated Aluminum
Semi-rigid .047 (1.2mm) M17/151-00002 Tin-plated Copper