Coaxial RF Cable Assemblies

Koaxis manufactures small diameter coaxial RF microwave cable assemblies to satisfy the demands of high-performance applications world-wide. Decades of experience have helped us to develop application expertise in, High Frequency, Blind-mate Solutions, Phase-matched, Delay Matched, Custom Bent, Value-added, Custom marked, Test Applications including VNA Assemblies, Crimped and Soldered constructions, and more.


Fabricated Bent Semi-rigid

Semi-rigid coaxial cable has long been the preferred choice for improved isolation, a broader temperature range, and improved VSWR for Inside the Box applications. When bent to shape, semi-rigid maintains it's shape  and performance even under shock and vibration.
Koaxis uses and stocks a large inventory of Mil-DTL-17 semi-rigid cable primarily from Micro-coax as the cable is drawn in straight lengths which reduces the need for additional labor to straighten the material. With 5 different sets of equipment for bending semi-rigid available in-house; including custom-made CNC bender, dedicated quick-turn setups, and custom-made bend fixtures; Koaxis chooses the most cost-effective and fastest method for each cable to ensure an economical and readily available solution.
It is important to understand that semi-rigid is a drawn tube, typically available in plated or unplated Copper or plated Aluminum. It is not synonymous with hand-formable (aka Semi-fliex®) cable, which is typically a Tin-dipped Copper braided cable. Additionally, RG401, RG402, and RG405 are NOT synonymous with their respective 250", .141", and .086" diameters. M17/129-RG401, M17/130-RG402, and M17/133-RG405 are specific grades of bare Copper semi-rigid cable that are popular in space and airborn applications.



Custom Marked

Koaxis offers a variety of custom marking options for your assemblies. Using state of the art printer, we create markers on heat-shrink tubing, consisting of 1 or 2 lines of text. Whether you need multiple markers, colored markers, serial numbers, CAGE code, and more; Koaxis can mark them.
When specifying cable markings, Koaxis recommends the following best practices:
- Specify Black print on White marker. This offer the best contrast for easy reading.
- Do not specify a font size. The marking is on heat-shrink tubing, so it will get smaller. Font size cannot be easily inspected.
- Keep markers short. Let us figure out the length. If you have a limit, specify a max length. Markers adversely affect flexibility and longer markers may be unreadable if on a bent, short, semi-rigid cable.
- Be aware of cable diameter. 2 lines of text on .047" dia cable is nearly unreadable after shrink.
- Send us a spreadsheet. Transcription is slow and error-prone.
- For Standard products with -MK suffix, specify marking requirements on your order







Phase-stable v Flexure

Phase-stability vs flexure is largely affected by changes in the outer conductor as a cable is flexed or even moved. Movement causes small changes in dimensions along the length of the cable resulting in multiple impedance discontinuities. These variations are additive and can significantly affect VSWR and phase distortion. In addition to small dimensional changes in the core (center conductor and dielectric), small gaps in the outer conductor during flexure create small areas of decreased shielding effectiveness. 

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