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ManufestKoaxis is a proud supporter of and paricipant in Manufest 2016.  Read more here about Manufest.
ManuFest is an initiative by the Montgomery County Commerce Department, MontcoWorks, the Bucks/Montco Manufacturing Alliances, the Bucks County Workforce Development Board, and the Montgomery County Community College in partnership with the MidAtlantic Employers' Association.
In recognition of an outstanding effort a donation shall be made to the charity of their choice, honoring Biggs and Associates.  Rick has demonstrated an overall well conducted effort demonstrating very effective sales techniques.  Rick values time spent with and in front of customers focusing on matching the Koaxis value proposition to well targeted customers.  This effort has, once again, produced long-term new programs that will benefit Biggs and Associates and Koaxis for a number of years.  We offer a well deserved congratulations to Rick.  It is our pleasure to call you our friend and our Most Valued Representative of 2015.
Koaxis Certificate of Excellence Biggs and Associates 2015

Koaxis Inc is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our new SMPM-T Coaxial RF Cable Assemblies and Connectors.  Designed for 047” dia cable, SMPM-T includes a proven industry standard SMPM interface.  A threaded retractable coupling nut has been added for applications that require cost-effective, high-reliability connector retention.
Cable assemblies available Ready 48.  Build It, See It, Buy It online at