Custom Marked
Coaxial RF Cable Assemblies

Koaxis offers a variety of custom marking options for your assemblies. Using state of the art printer, we create markers on heat-shrink tubing, consisting of 1 or 2 lines of text. Whether you need multiple markers, colored markers, serial numbers, CAGE code, and more; Koaxis can mark them.
When specifying cable markings, Koaxis recommends the following best practices:
- Specify Black print on White marker. This offer the best contrast for easy reading.
- Do not specify a font size. The marking is on heat-shrink tubing, so it will get smaller. Font size cannot be easily inspected.
- Keep markers short. Let us figure out the length. If you have a limit, specify a max length. Markers adversely affect flexibility and longer markers may be unreadable if on a bent, short, semi-rigid cable.
- Be aware of cable diameter. 2 lines of text on .047" dia cable is nearly unreadable after shrink.
- Send us a spreadsheet. Transcription is slow and error-prone.
- For Standard products with -MK suffix, specify marking requirements on your order