Fabricated Bent Semi-rigid
Coaxial RF Cable Assemblies

Semi-rigid coaxial cable has long been the preferred choice for improved isolation, a broader temperature range, and improved VSWR for Inside the Box applications. When bent to shape, semi-rigid maintains it's shape  and performance even under shock and vibration.
Koaxis uses and stocks a large inventory of Mil-DTL-17 semi-rigid cable primarily from Micro-coax as the cable is drawn in straight lengths which reduces the need for additional labor to straighten the material. With 5 different sets of equipment for bending semi-rigid available in-house; including custom-made CNC bender, dedicated quick-turn setups, and custom-made bend fixtures; Koaxis chooses the most cost-effective and fastest method for each cable to ensure an economical and readily available solution.
It is important to understand that semi-rigid is a drawn tube, typically available in plated or unplated Copper or plated Aluminum. It is not synonymous with hand-formable (aka Semi-fliex®) cable, which is typically a Tin-dipped Copper braided cable. Additionally, RG401, RG402, and RG405 are NOT synonymous with their respective 250", .141", and .086" diameters. M17/129-RG401, M17/130-RG402, and M17/133-RG405 are specific grades of bare Copper semi-rigid cable that are popular in space and airborn applications.